Gigmor – Help Take us to the Next Level

Hello Friends,
I want to share exciting news with you about Gigmor, a music tech startup that I’m involved with. Gigmor’s mission is to transform the live music industry by using technology to connect emerging bands with paid gigs at venues everywhere.


Gigmor has grown to almost 45,000 bands and musicians and has already raised over $250,000 in expressed interest through Start Engine, a new equity crowdfunding platform that allows you participate in the growth of emerging companies.


I’m asking you to get involved today and make music history with us. Our goal is to become the world’s leading live music marketplace! Gigmor’s dedicated, talented team has been killing it and we need your contribution to reach our fundraising goal. Live music is huge—bands performing at clubs, festivals, colleges, parties and weddings earn $4B+ in the US alone. We plan to grab major market share by creating the first truly global digital music marketplace.

Your reservation is critical in taking us to the next level. Join me and the Gigmor team and reserve your shares on our campaign page. Crowdfunding is powerful when family, friends and colleagues contribute what they can and share the campaign with everyone they know.


I really believe in this company and its groundbreaking vision and I know you, like me, support entrepreneurship and innovation. So let’s make music together. With your help, we can make this happen!   


I know you support entrepreneurship and innovation. Please help us bring Gigmor to the front page!


Nick Lippman

What does reserving shares mean?

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