Ford, Nissan and MIT on Managing Expectations in Connected Mobility

There is a tendency in the auto-industry to overestimate the next fifty years but under estimate the next five.

This makes managing consumer expectations, and indeed stakeholder expectations, in this buzzing vertical a big challenge for all involved. Understanding what the automotive landscape is likely to look like in 2020 and further ahead is a crucial step in seeing beyond the current hype and overcoming this challenge.

To give you an expert’s view on the work that is currently shaping the auto-industry, such as how data is being used to design new types of mobility services, I would like to give you access to some exclusive presentations from leaders in auto-mobility.

Listen to the presentations here:

You’ll hear from Ford, Nissan, MiT, Fontanalis and more on how people will move around in 2020 and how automakers will adapt to this. They also discuss the human factors associated with car sharing and the trust required in the adoption of automated vehicles.

How do your expectations match the visions of these experts?

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