“Four Beautiful Women” A diverse romantic comedy that explores the hidden desires of many relationships today

A romantic comedy opening the discussion on the effects of E.D. and sexual paraphernalia in today’s diverse relationships.


Sherwin Arae, Ashlei Murray, Ally Sereda, and two other beautiful women from the cast of “Four Beautiful Women”

As you can see we’ve cast and rehearsed for months and are in the final stages of pre-production. Our shooting schedule, shoot sheets, call sheets, locations, lodging, and transportation has all been scouted and budgeted for Principle photography.


The Cast Of Four Beautiful Women

We’ve had amazing word of mouth publicity about this witty, sensual romantic comedy that challenges the stereotypes of contemporary relationships today.


Director Robin Jordan and Producer Anthony Crane (of Four Beautiful Women) posing with a Film Supporter

Investors, financiers, public relations Agencies, and distributors are standing by willing and able to assist us in this production of “Four Beautiful Women” when we are able to show seed money to leverage against the amount of money needed to make this diverse romantic comedy number one of the slated independent films released in 2016.

Thus far all of the interest in this project has been generated by the idea and script alone. We would like to add our sizzle reel to enhance the distribution of this feature film. This entails the money necessary to hire production trucks and skilled personnel. This personnel would also be utilized in the principle photography for the project. We have post-production personnel standing by to add their expertise with editing, sound, musical score, and the formatting of the picture to industry standards.

12112022_461964403987118_2127992073319605647_nGenerally independent filmmakers who have the necessary seed money to leverage loans with investors, banks, and other financial institutions, come from wealthy families, friends, and backgrounds that can afford to lend them a helping financial hand.

Those not so financially privileged aren’t able to make films competitive enough to challenge the “old-boy” network and thus are relegated to the shelves of basement distribution. In order to view and promote a more diversified  experience of today’s contemporary America culture, a door must be opened for the talented underprivileged to participate financially in the skillful art of filmmaking.


Risks and challenges

We’ve managed Without the necessary budget to buy some camera, sound, and lighting equipment. We’ve also managed to cast over a hundred and fifty people and choose these remarkably talented, and beautiful people for the cast for “Four Beautiful Women.”


Diamond Cruikshank play’s Kiara and Jo plays Mark in “Four Beautiful Women”

We’ve managed the expense to rehearse in theatres around the Los Angeles area to perfect dialogue, timing, delivery, blocking and characters traits of the actors for several months. We have finished our photo shoots for publicity and have finished the administrative paperwork of shooting schedules, shot sheets, call sheets, and scouting of our locations, lodging, and transportation for principle photography.

Our paralegal teams have completed our “Four Beautiful Women” Ltd. EIN, Private Placement Agreement/business plan/investment memorandum, investors Agreements, projections, marketing for romantic comedies, budget top sheet, and production schedules for principle photography.


Joseph Tomanogi Jr, Sherwin, and Chris Denton of “Four Beautiful Women”

With the projected funding from “Kick Start” or other financial lenders, we have budgeted money for the successful advertising and distribution of this project with a projected 4,500 screens domestically and an equal amount of distribution abroad for foreign film markets.

Our main concern is the perfection of the project, with the proper and professional lighting, sound, score, directors and cinematographers to successfully compete. We are determined and steadfast in our pursuit to finish this project in the industrial standards expected by our predecessors to make “Four Beautiful Women.” a box office success.

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